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Arjes - VZ 950 - Shredder

Demanding tasks require more powerful and more advanced solutions. The VZ 950 is the perfect machine to handle material of almost any kind. Due to its modular structure the time consumption and cost for maintenance is kept very low and therefore make this shredder an extremely powerful, efficient and reliable recycling machine.

Features at a glance

  • Patented T-blade profile guarantees precise cutting process (energy savings up to 15%)
  • Two tilting hoppers for optimal feeding of the material to the tool shafts
  • Automatic reversing function protects against fracture of the cutting tools
  • Powerful diesel engine with 768 hp – also available with electric drive (2 x 250 kW)
  • Very high throughput – depending on material and tool shafts up to 180 t/h
  • Low wear and maintenance costs and maintenance friendly modular design


Metal Version

The crushing of scrap metal and car bodies imposes special demands on the shredding solution. For this reason, the basic version of the machine is modified accordingly. On the one hand, this includes an asynchronous drive which alternately switches between quick and slow rotation of each shaft in order to better feed the heavy material and thus prevent reversals. On the other hand, a magnetic block and a cross-belt for easy material separation is fitted on the shortened discharge belt.

Diesel Tracks (DK)

For mobile use, we offer the version with track system. This allows the machine to be moved to a new location independently without any other equipment. This model is also designed for use in rough terrain. In addition, the chassis can be equipped with rubber track shoes to protect the surface. It is controlled by a 21-channel radio remote control.

Diesel Trailer (DT)

If you need to work in different locations frequently , the use of the trailer version is recommended. Using a suitable truck the transport to the next job can be done quick and easy. The machine will be installed on a common brand trailer system.

Electric Drive (E)

For all situations where special requirements for exhaust and noise emissions apply, we offer a version with an electric engine. It is also possible to divide the shredder into several components in order to meet structurally related specifications.

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Technical Data

ModelPerformance (kW/hp)Length x Width x Height (mm)Shafts (mm)Weight (kg)
VZ 950 DK 565 kW (768 hp) 10.500 x 3.400 x 3.800 2.500 42.000
VZ 950 DT 565 kW (768 hp) 13.000 x 3.000 x 4.000 2.500 39.000
VZ 950 E 2 x 250 kW 9.700 x 3.000 x 3.700 2.500 35.000