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Hartl Screening Bucket HBS 800

Hartl Screener - The ultimate screening machine

Jaws Crushers are the EXCLUSIVE Australian Distributors For Hartl Screeners & Crushers

The HARTL SCREENER's compact and stable structure ensures a reliable screening capacity with low running costs.

This machine enables materials to be classified and separated more precisely. The exchangeable grids allow for sieving and screening in different, variable sizes.

The grids can be used for pre-filtering (prior to crushing) and for final classification purposes. These products are used for working with natural rock, for recycling and in agriculture.

We take pride in ensuring that all our materials and components are top quality. With its ergonomic shape and innovative design, the HARTL SCREENER's modern look typifies the whole Hartl product range.

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  • Processing natural rock in gravel, river gravel, and sand pits, etc.
  • Classifying and refining materials for recycling
  • Roadworks and levelling work, excavations, forestry roads, etc.
  • Classifying topsoils in the agricultural sector
  • Screening chippings, sand in beach cleaning operations, etc.
  • Laying drains and pipelines

This is a flexible and mobile product which is used for separating natural rock and recycling materials economically on site, within the minimum space and the shortest time.

The materials are lifted or excavated on the spot and immediately separated into the required sizes by the screening bucket. Once screened, the end product is generally replaced and re-used immediately on-site.


The bucket screener developed by HARTL is a quality, robust screen drum that has been ingeniously fitted to an excavator bucket.

This compact screening unit is mounted on an excavator (or similar machine) and attached by our quick coupling system. The drive is run from the excavator's hydraulic motor.

The ensuing COST SAVINGS include

  • The cost of removing and delivering the materials
  • Possible landfill costs
  • Cost of purchasing new materials
  • Freight and logistics costs
  • Number of machines on site - 1 excavator
  • Number of operators - 1 person
  • Crushing costs when used as a pre-screener
  • Operating costs

The HARTL SCREENER enables you to expand or develop your line of business.

Your investment in a HARTL SCREENER is of lasting value, will very soon pay for itself, while protecting the environment and natural resources as well.





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