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Hartl Bucket Crusher HBC 650

Hartl Crusher - The ultimate crushing machine

Jaws Crushers are the EXCLUSIVE Australian Distributors For Hartl Screeners & Crushers

The HARTL CRUSHER'S extremely high throughput function with minimal wear costs ensures a high-value cubical and consistant end product.

Thanks to its solid and robust build, our crusher is able to process natural rock as well as recycling materials. We take pride in ensuring that all our materials and components are top quality.

With its ergonomic shape and innovative design, the HARTL CRUSHER's modern look typifies the whole Hartl product range.

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Hartl Crucher - Specs

performance chart hartl bucket crushers



  • Processing natural rock in quarries, mines, gravel pits, river gravel, etc.
  • Processing spoil in the form of concrete, tiles, asphalt, ceramics, glass etc.
  • Recycling railway sleepers and concrete posts
  • Roadworks and levelling work, excavations, forestry roads

This is a flexible and mobile product which is used for processing natural rock and recycling materials economically on site, within the minimum space and the shortest time.

The required material is immediately processed by the bucket crusher on the very spot where it has been collected, or happens to be! Once processed, the product can generally be replaced on the spot and put to use straightaway.


The bucket crusher developed by HARTL is a quality, robust jaw crusher that has been ingeniously fitted to an excavator bucket.

This compact crushing unit is mounted onto an excavator (or similar machine) and attached by our quick coupling system. The drive is run from the excavator's hydraulic motor.

The ensuing COST SAVINGS include

  • Cost of delivering or removing the material
  • Possible landfil costs
  • Purchase of new material
  • Transport and organisational costs
  • Number of machines on site - 1 excavator
  • Number of operators - 1 person
  • Processing and preparation costs
  • Running costs

The HARTL CRUSHER enables you to expand or develop your line of business. Your investment in a HARTL CRUSHER is of lasting value, will very soon pay for itself, while also protecting the environment and natural resources.



Our Crush Control Technology has been specially developed for these crushers and screeners. Crush Control allows you to look inside the crusher. The Crush Control consists of a monitor, a camera and connecting cables.



The bucket is made of top-quality wear resistant material and it optimal ergonomic build allows for maximum load volumes. The bucket mouth with its robustly constructed standard front lip opens out to ensure maximum uptake and best handling.

  • Maximum load volume
  • Optimal uptake of material
  • High wear resistance
  • Very precise separation


The dust suppression unit allows the machine to operate in almost dust-free conditions, which is particularly important on inner-city sites. It now comes with a 1,000 litre tank, a high performance submersible pump and a remote control.

  • Extending the product without altering its basic structure
  • Easy upgrade options
  • Integrated tubing for optional dust suppression unit
  • No external tubing
 dust suppression


High performance magnetic separator for separating every kind of iron particle in the material.

Security and performance present the greatest challenges to modern magnet technology. The types of magnets that are used in HARTL products are distinguished by the use of top quality high tech materials. You receive all the parts inclusive of a high performance box and accessories.

  • Extending the product without altering its basic structure
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Fully integrated cabling for magnet option
  • No external cabling

Safe, quick and reliable tool change.

The Hartl Quick Coupling Systems provide for really easy and very speedy tool change processes. From a straightforward mechanical system to a fully-hydraulic High-Tech Quick Coupling System - we offer the leading and most efficient technological systems for a range of different products. All the Quick Coupling Systems that we offer comply with the relevant safety and quality standards.

  • Suitable for all hydraulic excavator type
  • Quick tool change over
  • Homogenous, stress-free cast parts for greatest stability
  • Easy retrofitting
quick coupling