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FRANZOI - Inert Schredder - TRI 1611


This mobile crushing machine from Franzoi is designed for recycling of inert materials sourced primarily from demolitions.

It uses a crushing mechanism comprising two counter-rotary blade shafts. This new crushing method offers notable advantages:

  • High production rate even with earth, clay, wet, and bituminous materials, with inert materials rich in iron or wood.
  • Low maintenance costs due to the absence of on-board operator and the low level of wear granted by the new crushing system.
  • Desired particle size at discharge point offered by adjusting the distance between the shafts.
  • Adjustable shaft rotation speed (2-3 rpm).
  • Increased loading capacity provided by a suitable working surface (1.600 x 1.000 mm)
  • Reduced noise level

The mobile machine stands apart due to the state-of-the-art technology that guarantees the maximum performance in all of its functions:

- High transfer speed (4Km/h) - Fully equipped radio remote control - Common-rail EURO Stage III motor

KEY ADVANTAGES: No need for an operator - It can handle a wide variety of materials - Hydraulic weight adjustment - Adjustable shaft rotation speed - Fully controllable via radio remote control as well as fixed keypad - Hydraulic adjustment of magnetic separator height - Hydraulic adjustment of main conveyor height - Easy to operate - Out-of-gauge loads - Designed and manufactured entirely by FRANZOI

ELECTRONICS: In order to produce an innovative, cutting-edge product, the machine is fitted with a full electronic control system. A central control unit communicates with the motor control via the CAN-BUS line and displays all data onto a screen. This provides a full overview of the machine, with displays of any alarm states and, above all, the ability to configure the machine according to client needs.

The radio remote control and fixed keypad also communicate with the central control unit via the CAN-BUS system.

All Franzoi crushing machines can be equipped with a GPRS communication module that allows access to the machine via the Internet.

Therefore, the user can: Control every parameter - Locate the machine - Check operating hours - Check status signals and maintenance - Prevent access by unauthorised personnel - Facilitate technical support

ACCESSORIES: Raise / Lower magnetic conveyor - Raise / Lower conveyor - Electronic weighing system - Automatic greasing system - GPRS - Dust abatement system - Gas oil Pump

DOWNLOAD PDF Brochure - FRANZOI - Inert Schredder - TRI 1611