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BurnBossĀ® - A Trailer-Mounted Refractory Lined FireBox
for the Agricultural and Forest Industries

The BurnBoss is a self-contained, completely assembled above ground Air Curtain Burner (air curtain incinerator or FireBox) with a refractory lined burn-container that is dual-axle trailer mounted for off-road use and powered by an on-board Diesel engine.


The FireBox is raised and lowered by a hydraulic lift system. Designed for the high temperature burning of forest slash, agricultural vegetative waste, land-clearing debris, green waste, storm debris, invasive species, contraband and other combustible waste streams in compliance with the requirements of US EPA 40CFR60 or other regionally applicable regulations.

The machine is shipped from the factory completely assembled ready for immediate use. The BurnBoss is also useful for disaster recovery and Homeland Security contingencies.

burnboss specs

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